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The Vagina, The Predator and The Sit On My Face – These Bike Seats Are Ridiculous

These custom-made bike seats must be the craziest ever made...

This bike seat with a bit of bite is either the coolest thing you can sit on while you ride or the most ridiculous. We’ll leave that to you to decide.

The Predator look-alike is appropriately named ‘Bite It’, and was created from plastic-cast taxidermy parts by Canadian designer Clem Chen for the ‘Saddle-Up!’ art show in Vancouver.

It’s incredibly creepy, that goes without saying, but there were plenty of other sick seats on show at the Canadian art show that were just as odd; some cool, some outrageous and some near-offensive. Here are ten of the, errr, best?

1) Clem Chen’s Bite It


2) Clem Chen’s Pink Eye (Yeah, she named it that…)


3) The Screamer Seat


4) The Blue Seat


5) The Sit On My Face Seat


6) The, erm, Explicit Seat


7) The Mutant Bunny Seat


8) The Girl Power Seat


9) The Party Seat


10) The Creepy Tentacle Seat


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