Quiksilver Gold Coast Pro Preview

Snapper Rocks to Rainbow Bay, it’s a long ride.

The event is mobile, but is only likely to move if the ridiculously good sand point of Snapper Rocks isn’t working for some reason. The wave at Snapper is perfect, a fast sucky take off behind the jump rock leads to a solid barrel section. Make that and the wave races off serving up sections for airs, open faces for turns and more barrels. It’s one of the best waves in the world.

Kelly Slater GoPros World Champ Mick Fanning in a warm up session, that’s how wide the pits get out there.

If for some odd reason it doesn’t break they have three backups, D-Bah if it is just too small, Kirra or Burleigh Heads if the swell is big enough or the sand isn’t quite right at Snapper. If it ends up at Kirra, as it did last year it becomes a barrel fest.

Kirra Free Surfing:


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