Quiksilver Gold Coast Pro Preview

Snapper Rocks at the top breaks all the way to Rainbow bay on the right of shot, making it one of the longest waves on tour.

Unlike any other sporting event, surf events have a 12 day holding period. During that period each event needs about three days of good surf to complete the event. So you have to tune in every day to see if it’s on or not, before you settle down to enjoy.

As it stands four days out from the start, the swell is looking like there could be an early start, with a peak in the first swell on Monday or Tuesday, it isn’t going to be big but enough to get things rolling, but not all the way to the final though. They will be hoping for more later in the holding period for that.

In the meantime here’s last years final to get you amped. Remember to follow us on twitter, we’ll be up all night watching every heat with you.

The 2013 Final Joel Parkinson v Kelly Slater:


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