Resort Security Threaten to “Kill” Skier… Just for Forgetting His Liftpass!

Wow, we didn't know the penalty for forgetting your liftpass was DEATH?!

Security grunts can be bastards. You know the type, the ones where it seems like their job spec includes:

1) A vastly inflated sense of your own self-importance.

2) A questionable ‘tache

3) An ability to turn into a complete asshole the moment you’re given a utility belt and a radio.

But in all our years of dealing with bouncers and security guards we’ve never seen anything quite this extreme. I mean threatening to kill this skier?!? It’s a bit much isn’t it…

Here’s what the full story from the guy who posted this video:

“Me and my friends were skiing at our local resort about a week ago and one of my friends forgot his coat at home therefore forgot his season pass that was on his coat. Instead of looking up his name and giving him a temporary pass they brought us to security. He gave him the option to buy two day passes and rip one up, or call the police and press charges for “theft of services” despite the fact that he has a season pass on file.

When the security started getting excessively rude I started recording on my phone but left it in my pocket so THERE IS NO VIDEO JUST Audio. In the end of the video the security says that if he ever sees him in the security office again he will ‘hunt him down and kill him’”

Gnarly eh?

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