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These Guys Cycled Boris Bikes All The Way To Paris...

Did the London hire bikes hold up on the 300km trip across the channel and to the continent?

2014 Shane Stoney
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Win The Ultimate MINI Racing Weekend

Do you want to drive one of these?

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Lance Armstrong Just Tried To Run The ‘Beer Mile’… And Horribly Failed

Is this the most shameful result the notorious athlete has had yet? Well, maybe not...

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Some of These Narrow Cycling Misses Could Have Turned Out So Much Worse...

Dogs, bears and downhill madness: the closest near call crashes in recent cycling memory

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Should Cyclists Be Wearing Helmets With Numberplates? This Company Thinks So...

Would this bike helmet save your life or stop you cycling all together?

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This Artist Has Created A Glow-In-The-Dark Cycle Lane… Based on Vincent Van Gogh

Will this revolutionise night riding forever?

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Ever Wanted To Ride Lance Armstong's Bike? Now You Can...

Or at least one that looks a hell of a lot like it

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19 Tweets From People Confused And Upset About Rollerbladers In The Bike Lane

"You get one loud bike bell ding for every year since rollerblading was a thing..."

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How Do You Get A Bike To Go Faster Than A Ferrari? You Add On Three Rocket Engines Of Course...

Watch French daredevil Francois Gissy ride at over 300kph on this record-breaking speed bike

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What's Five Meters High, Has Seven Wheels, And Two Huge Balls? The Strangest Contraption We've Seen This Week

This crazy guys attempts to set a world record

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Is Wearing A Cycling Helmet Safer? These Stats Will Make You Think Twice...

If cycling evangelist Chris Boardman thinks helmets won't save your life, you should listen

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This Crazy Guy Made A Bike With Ice For Wheels… And It Kind Of Works

Ever wanted to swap your wheels for ice? Neither have we, but this guy gave it a shot...

Jackal - Sharpie - Connor Charland
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18 Custom-Painted Bikes That Redefine Awesome

Sponsored feature

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It’s Designed By Ferrari And Could Be The Most Expensive Bike We’ve Ever Seen…

You won't believe how much it cost...

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Win The Ultimate MINI Racing Weekend

We've got a MINI weekend including a track experience up for grabs

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Is This New Wheel The Future Of City Riding?

What goes up... keeps going up. Could this electric wheel change the way we ride our bikes?

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Chainsaws, Axes And Flamethrowing Fury: The Bicycle Made For The Zombie Apocalypse

No petrol needed and no mercy given. This could be the bicycle that is going to save your life...

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Apple's Big Announcement Isn't What Anybody Expected: Introducing The iBike

These features are unbelievable

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This Guy Looks Down On Normal Cyclists... From The 'Tallest Rideable Bike' Ever Built

What's 20ft tall, made from metal, takes away your Christmas and has a tool on top?

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Chris Froome One Of Four Riders Offered €1 Million Prize To Tackle Grand Tour Challenge

Team Saxo-Tinkoff owner offers big cash prize in stunt aimed at 'helping cycling move forward'

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