apple iBike
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Apple's Big Announcement Isn't What Anybody Expected: Introducing The iBike

These features are unbelievable

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This Guy Looks Down On Normal Cyclists... From The 'Tallest Rideable Bike' Ever Built

What's 20ft tall, made from metal, takes away your Christmas and has a tool on top?

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Chris Froome One Of Four Riders Offered €1 Million Prize To Tackle Grand Tour Challenge

Team Saxo-Tinkoff owner offers big cash prize in stunt aimed at 'helping cycling move forward'

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This Man Is Helping Decide the Future of Cycling in London. But He's Paid by a Company That Lobbies Against Bike Lanes...

Could this potential conflict of interest cost London's cyclists?

Latvian cyclists protest
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These Cyclists Found an Awesome Way to Demonstrate Why Bikes Are Better Than Cars

This pro-cycling protest would really piss Jeremy Clarkson off

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Cycling 'Can Give You a Third Testicle'... Even If You're a Woman, According to a New Study

Report in the South African Journal of Medicine details the strange phenomenon

shit cyclists say
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Shit Cyclists Say: 'I'd Totally Be A Pro If I Didn't Have To Work'

How many of these are you guilty of?

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Thought The Colombian Women's Cycling Kit Was Bad? Wait 'Til You See This Men's Kit...

The Colombian national cyclists aren't the only ones with a controversial colour scheme.

colombia cycling
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It’s Not Hard To See Why This Colombian Team Cycling Kit Has Caused a Storm on Twitter...

The ladies on this national cycling team will be riding in some rather controversial gear.

cycle fight
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When Road Cyclists Attack: The Craziest Fights Featuring Riled-Up Roadies

Road rage is a serious, and often hilarious, issue in the cycling world...

680g bike frame
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Thought Your Ride Was Light? This Bike Frame Weighs Just More Than A Pint of Beer...

Cannondale's SuperSix EVO Black EVO weighs in at less than 700 grams

Ryder Hesjedal
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Is There An Illegal Motor in This Road Cyclist's Bike? See What You Think...

Ryder Hesjedal was accused of cheating in the Vuelta a Espana - was he?

Crazy Bike Inventions -3602
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23 Weird and Wonderful Bike Inventions That Have Somehow Seen the Light of Day

Surprising, shocking or just downright strange - we can't believe some of these have been made!

bendy bike
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Guard Dogs and Phallic Objects: 6 Weird Ways To Stop Your Bike Getting Stolen

There's more to keeping your bike safe than u-locks and armoured chains...

returned bike 8
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9 Hilarious Letters From People Who Were Really Sorry They Drunkenly Stole Your Bike

Not all bike thieves are bad at heart... some are just desperate. Or really drunk.

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What Kind of Cyclist Are You Really?

This quiz will show you which of cycling's tribes you should belong to...

Bamboo Bicycle ClubIMG_1867
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Meet The Bamboo Bicycle Club: The Men Who Build Bikes From Bamboo

Believe it or not, this sleek-looking bike is made of the stuff...

dear motorist
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7,000 Cyclists Have Died In US Motor Accidents In Recent Years - Here's The Heartwarming Campaign To Stop That Growing

'Dear Motorist', the campaign from Endevr to raise awareness of cyclists on the road...

fuck you - mike
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18 Signs From People That Were Really Fucking Angry Their Bikes Got Stolen

The theft of a bike has been known to conjure uncontrollable rage in the victim...

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 14.11.41
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Cocks, Boobs, Che Guevara… You Won’t Believe What Some People Have Drawn Using Strava

15 incredible (and incredibly stupid) works of art made using route mapper apps

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