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This Angry Cyclist Pulled Up Police About Driving In A 'Bike Lane'... They Didn't React Well

Who's right? Police row in public with cyclist who filmed them driving in a bus lane

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Audi Have Just Released A Super Bike On Sale For £12,600... Here’s Why

This super featherweight bike costs more than a car, and only 50 are ever going to be made

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This Free Running Video Is The Most Exciting Thing To Happened To Road Cycling... Hang On, What?!

Is it parkour? Is it road cycling? No, it's Max Schrom, and it's sick...

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A Bunch Of Crudely Drawn Cocks In Ramsbottom Are Saving Cyclist's Lives

This is Wanksy's original response to an all-too familiar problem

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22 Signs That You've Got A Serious Road Cycling Addiction

We're not saying it's a problem, but we both know it's true...

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Here’s The Amateur Cyclist Taking On The Tour de France This Summer... On A Children’s Bike‏‏‏

Could you ride the 2,077-mile epic on a kid's Raleigh Chopper?

Photo:, The Awesomer.
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It's Got Legs?! This Is The Strangest Bike We Have Ever Seen‏

This is what happens when a praying mantis procreates with a penny farthing‏.

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We've Seen Some Terrible Kickstarters Out There... And This Bicycle Periscope Is A Perfect Example

"You know what this bike could do with? A submarine periscope”, said nobody, ever‏...

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Why Did the World’s Best Cyclists Risk Being Hit by this High Speed Train?

Several world-class riders almost ended up winning Darwin Awards...

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NOPE! 10-Time World Record Holder Rides Across Railing Above 65ft Drop

Meet Vitto Brumotti: He balances his bikes on the edge of cliff drops... For a bit of fun

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Ever Seen Someone Cycle Down A Mountain Road Backwards At 80km/h? Neither Had We...

Any regular road cyclist will instantly recognise how ridiculous this is...

This was bad, but it's certainly not the first fashion faux pas in the world of road cycling...
Road Cycling

10 Fashion Disasters That Every True Cyclist Should Avoid

Thought you were looking slick on the roads? There's a good chance you're horribly wrong...

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Why Has This Man Put A Naked Woman On A Bicycle?

Is this art, or another thing that'll put women off cycling?

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Water Slides, Plane Wings and Danny MacAskill: This is Road Cycling Like Never Before...

We recently rewatched this legendary road bike feature... and we just had to share

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I'll Be Back... With A Helmet! Arnie Pulled Over By Australian Police For Unsafe Cycling

"Did somebody say... Freeze?"

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Why Is Somebody Trying To Decapitate Cyclists In Ipswich?

Police are investigating the booby trapping of cycle routes in the East of England

Loren Rowney was sprinting for the finish when he was tugged down by a fan    Photo: YouTube/Screenshot
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This Fan Grabbed The Handlebars Of A Sprinting Road Cyclist... And The Resulting Crash Was Brutal

Here's what not to do when you go to watch a cycling race...

49 year-old local Miguel Arroya Ramos and 26 year-old American Liz Boivin were shot in the incident Photo: Shutterstock
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Two Cyclists Hospitalised After Brutal Gangland Shooting Interrupts Triathlon

Gun-fueled shootout catches triathletes in crossfire, one convicted drug dealer left dead

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See How The Cycling Elite Train As The Madison Team Hits The Hills And Heat Of Majorca

Blood, sweat, and gears: The Madison team tune up for the coming season

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Cyclists 'Deserve To Die' – This Jackass Didn’t Realise He Was Being Filmed, But Now His Crazy Claims Are Going Viral

And the woman filming's reaction is brilliant

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