Sharks Join Twitter in New Safety Campaign

Sharks to tweet as they near the beach

No your eyes are not deceiving you. And no this is not a prank. Over 300 sharks (of the Great White and Tiger variety) have been tagged with transmitters that will automatically send a tweet when they are within half a mile of beaches across Western Australia.

The idea was the brainchild of Government researchers in Western Australia in a bid to reduce the amount of fatal shark attacks. Once the shark crosses the half-mile threshold a tweet will automatically appear on the @SLSWA (Surf Life Saving Western Australia) Twitter feed. The warning will include details of breed, size and location of the shark.

Chris Peck, from SLSWA, told Sky News the system is far quicker than traditional warnings on local radio and in newspapers. So be sure to keep that smartphone to hand if you are thinking of heading to any of Western Australia’s famous surf spots any time soon.

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