Signal: Every Third Thursday – Paintballs and snowballs

Move over muddy stag weekend, enter snowboarding paintball fun. It might seem like a throwaway comment but Signal Snowboards have been hard at work. Before that though, a little context perhaps.

Signal Snowboards are the proud owner of the Every Third Thursday concept. As a snowboard manufacturer, they have all the tools required to make any snowboard they want and that’s something they’ve thrown themselves into! Over the first season we saw snowboards that included a putting green, a karaoke machine, Lego and they even created their own board game. With a short list of snowboards like that making the cut in season 1 how do you start season 2? It’s always got to be better than the season before it so what did they go for? A snowboard paintball gun!

You read it right. A snowboard paintball gun. Not just one though, they created four because what’s the point in having just one? You can’t shoot your friends if they’re defenceless! I reckon this will be the number one snowboard accessory for 2011/2012 and will be the most sought after item for Christmas this year. They may have to do some work on the angle of the barrel as it’s a bit too close to the obligatory ‘cock shot’ for the majority of the guys. My favourite part was the point-blank range kneecapping, had me in stitches.

Roll on the Winter X Games as I’m sure it’s set to be a new discipline!

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God bless you Signal Snowboards. See you in three weeks time!

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