This Six Year Old Can Flatten His Body To Rollerskate Under 39 Cars!

His flexibility is off the hook...

Never heard of limbo skating before? No, us neither. But this six-year-old is waiting to hear if he’s broken the world record for flattening himself to pass under 39 cars on rollerskates.

Gagan Satish from Bangalore, India managed to cover a total distance of 69.2m under 39 cars, just seven inches off the ground.

“When I was five-years-old, I broke the world record…”

He started skating when he was three and a half years old – and now trains for two hours each day in limbo skating.

You’ve gotta give it to the kid – that’s total dedication or *ahem* a serious case of pushy parent syndrome?

Either way, this kid is just unbelievable!

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