Instagram: Tony Hawk.

Tony Hawk Just Nailed A Backflip... On A BMX?

Is this skateboarding legend about to switch sports?

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Given The Opportunity, This Brazilian Skateboarder Would Try To Ollie Over The Sun

If this guy's ollies went any higher, he’d have to alert air traffic control

Screen Shot: Marble City.

Heart And Seoul: Stunning Film Explores The Skateboarding Scene In South Korea’s Capital

Is Seoul the ultimate street skating destination?

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These Skateboarders Prove That Cruise Ships Aren't Just For Your Grandparents

Sun, sequins, and skateboards... This edit seriously reminds us of Skate 2

Screen Shot: YouTube.

Hoverboards Exist...And This Guy Just Used One To Set A New World Record

Insert inevitable Back To The Future II reference‏.

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Nintendo Get On Board And Renovate British Skate Park

Sponsored Feature.


WARNING: This Longboard Slam May Genuinely Make You Vomit

This video contains graphic images of injury

Interior park

The World's First Multi Story Skate Park Is Being Built, Right Here In The UK

This proposed three level skate and BMX park simply has to be built

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This Security Guard Gets Brutal With These Skaters

When these kids go skateboarding on private property, the security guard massively overreacts


Tony Hawk And Riley Go Trick-For-Trick At An Indoor Skate Park

You'd hang out with your dad more if he was this guy...

Lil Mayne skate

Can You Believe These 5 Celebrities Actually Released Skate Edits?

Some of these akateboard edits from famous people are surprisingly decent. Some...

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These Idiots Harassed Tony Hawk in a Carpark. Their Video Proves Why Mainstream Media Should Stay the F*ck Away From Skateboarding…

If you call yourself a skateboarder, this video will make you unspeakably angry...

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If A Skateboard Had Sex With A Rollerblade, Their Offspring Might Look A Bit Like This

Freeline Skates: Sh*t invention, or a vision of the future?


Get Ready To Feel Good: This Is Why Tony Hawk, Jaws, And Nyjah Houston Have Been Skateboarding In Ethiopia

The Galácticos of skateboarding gather in East Africa to hunt lines and save lives


If This Sausage Dog Pulling A Skateboard Doesn't Make You Smile, Seek Urgent Medical Attention

Skateboarders will hate this, non-skaters will love it... Meet the dog propelled skateboard


How’s This Even Possible: This Ice Riding Swedish Skate Edit is Seriously Cool

He's Swedish, his friends call him Farmhand, and he' skating on thin ice: meet Nikklas Ehnberg


Sh*t! Here’s What Happened When A Skater Ploughed Head First Into An Oncoming Car

This is one of the most brutal things you’ll see this week


Dust Roads, Ancient Trees, And Another World Entirely… This Is Skating In Madagascar

These guys flew half way around the world and found out that skateboarding is truly universal

Brazil Skate House

This Guy Inherited His Family’s House... And Turned It Into A Skateboarding Paradise

You never see a transformation like this on Extreme Makeover...


Bob Burnquist Has The World's Best Skatepark In His Back Garden, And He's Letting You Have A Go

He was my favourite character on Tony Hawks 2, him and Geoff Rowley.

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