jimmy-wilkins X Games Austin 2014 Skateboard Vert

X Games Austin 2014: Jimmy Wilkins Creates History On His Way to Gold

The 20 year old was on world-beating form last night!

Sabre Norris 540 vert skateboarding nine years old

Nine Year Old Girls Are Doing 540s On Verts Now?!

Sabre Norris is definitely cooler than you...

Ramp 1 Skatepark

5 Top UK Indoor Skateparks For When The Weather Gets Nasty

Has your local indoor shred spot made the list?

Skateboarding in the Sewers

Skateboarding in Sewers Looks Way Better Than You Might Expect...

You might not think it, but this looks a lot of fun!

Marbel electric lightweight skateboard

Introducing Marbel: The Lightest Electric Skateboard In The World!

Is this about to revolutionise skateboarding? We're not so convinced...

worst skatepark ever

Are These The Worst Skateparks Ever Built?

From death rails to impossible transfers, these skateparks will have you questioning humanity

Taylor Jett Triple tre flip

This Has Got To Be Some Of The Most Technical Skating Ever...

Taylor Jett attempts to land a TRIPLE tre flip. Can he do it?


8 Female Skaters That Changed History!

Rad women who changed skating for the greater good!

solid gold skateboard

These Guys Have Built a Gold Skateboard!

This $15,000 deck must be the most expensive ever made


Tony Hawk Attempts An Ollie Over A Moving Mini Cooper!

The Birdman in full flight once more...

Skate Ramp Dad Speaks Out Marcus Crossland

Dad That Kicked Six-Year-Old Kid Down Skate Ramp Speaks Out!

Apparently he was just trying to help him overcome his fears...

Nose Manual

6 Mentally Long Manuals You Won't Believe

These riders take the humble manual to a whole new level!

The 3D model skateboard shows you what you did wrong... or right of course!

Is This App The Future of Skateboarding?

This is pretty impressive - but will it catch on?

Watermelon Skatepark

11 of the Strangest Skateparks You'll Ever See

Some of these are properly weird

skating a pool full of water

Dude Goes Skateboarding in a Pool... That's Still Full of Water?!

What the hell is going on here?

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 14.11.56

Ollieing Over Priceless Artworks: Skateboarding In Christie's Auction House

This is cool!

Craziest Skate Part Ever

Is This The Strangest Skateboard Video Part Ever?

Woah, shit just got weird.

Aaron Jaws Homiki huge drop

The Biggest Skateboard Drop Ever? Aaron 'Jaws' Homiki Goes Huge

Holy shit, this is massive!

Sergio Yuppie Longboard Hill Bombing

The 7 Craziest Hill Skateboard Bomb Videos You've Ever Seen

Some of these guys are getting up to 70mph

Borat Skateboarding

'Borat' Goes Skating in a Mankini. What Happens When he Stacks Looks Painful...


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