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Ever Seen Someone Skateboard On Train Tracks Before? This is the Most Creative Skate Video of 2015

These guys have made the sickest new spots


This is Incredible! An Interactive Skate Video... That YOU Control With Your Keyboard

We don't know how they've done it but this video is mind-blowing


Which is Gnarlier? 8 Stairset Slams That Put Madonna's Fall to Shame

Bitch please, skateboarders have been falling down stairs for years


What Are The Best Skateboarding Stickers of All Time? These Are, According to This New Book...

If you call yourself a skateboarder you should check this out

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It's Easy To See Why This Roof Dropping Skate Edit Is Going Viral...

Jaws redefines skateboarding in this must-see part


This New Wave of Skateboarding Videos Is Going Viral… But It’s Not What You’d Expect

We're not sure what kind of exercise these internet melting skate videos are actually inspiring...?


Why Did This Abandoned Skateboard Set Fire To A House In West Yorkshire

Skateboarding is not a crime, but it can be absolutely criminal...

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The Beard, the Butterfly and the Golden Shower: These Must be the World’s Strangest Skateboard Graphics

10 awesome, eye-catching and just plain weird skateboard graphics you have to see

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What Happens When Skateboarding Meets American Football?

This video is way cooler than you might think...

This re-enactment of the events shows exactly what a punch looks like up close... Photo: Shutterstock

37 Sure Fire Ways To Get Punched In The Face At A Skate Park

We strongly recommend that nobody actually tries out any of the following...


Is This The Most Creative Skating Ever? This Dude Just Kickflipped A Pitchfork…

Have you seen the psychedelic skateboarding music video that's about to go viral?

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Ripped Flesh And Ball-Scraping Crashes: Are These The Worst Longboard Slams Of All Time?

Still unsure about wearing a helmet? This brutal edit will make you think twice...


Meet Gabriel. He’s Probably The Best Skateboarder That Doesn’t Actually Exist…

This cartoon character lives in the real world... and he's absolutely rad on a skateboard

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Torn Flesh, Fractured Wrists, And Kick Flips: This Is Ice Boarding

This is the perfect sport for British winters…

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Justin Bieber Tried to Go Skateboarding in New York… With Hilarious Consequences

He had bouncers to keep the normal people back...

Porcelain skateboard

Fish, Leather and This Deck Made of Porcelain: People Build Skateboards From the Strangest Things...

You won't believe the stuff people have tried to make boards from

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Thought Another Pair of Socks Was Bad? Imagine Getting One of These Skateboard-Themed Gifts For Christmas…

Count yourself lucky your present wasn't one of these truly terrible ideas...

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Longboarder vs. Bus... This Guy Got Lucky

Thankfully, only this guys pants were destroyed


The Virgin Spots In This Transylvanian Skate Edit Will Give You A Blood Lust

Some tasty skating to sink your teeth into

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This Dude Made A Brand New Hoverboard - And You Could Make One Yourself!

Your inner Marty McFly will be stoked on this...

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