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Meet 'Skateboard Cop'. Yes, This Policeman Patrols on a Longboard

This American policeman is getting down with the kids. Sort of.


Someone's Selling An Entire Skatepark On eBay!

This is seriously cool. Who's in?

falling off a skateboard at 40mph

What Happens When You Fall Off a Skateboard at 40mph...

What was this kid thinking?!?

olympic skating

Should Skateboarding Be In The Olympics?

What would it mean for skateboarding?

Skater slams head huge bump on head

This Skater Slams Hard! But What Happens Next Is Not Pretty...

Protect those noggins people!

Chocolate Skateboard City Series Commercial

Most Adverts Are Shite, But Not This One...

This slick commercial from Chocolate Skateboards will make you want to go skating right now

13-year-old Jagger Eaton is one of a new generation of skate prodigies. Photo: Jagger Eaton Instagram

These Five Kids Are Better At Skating Than You'll Ever Be

How the hell do they get so good so young?

Pushy Skate Parents

Everything You Need to Know To Stop Your Kids Skating

This is comedy genius!

Skateboarding Meets Football

When Skateboarding Meets Football

Woah, talk about battling adversity...


Nyjah Huston Wins With Highest Ever Score In X Games Street Skate Final!

Watch the Californian ripper win his sixth gold medal!

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 19.39.40

If You Call Yourself A Skater You Should Watch This Video

This is awesome

Jaws Jumps Into The Crowd

Aaron 'Jaws' Homoki Lands In the Crowd in Skateboard Street!

The moment Jaws decided to tear up the script

Angry Dad Skateboard Fight

11 Unbelievable Videos of the Public Going Mental at Skateboarders

Skateboarding is not a crime, but these people seem to think it is...

Asher Bradshaw 10 year old 900

This Kid Is Only 10 Years Old But He's Doing 900s!

That shit cray...

jimmy-wilkins X Games Austin 2014 Skateboard Vert

X Games Austin 2014: Jimmy Wilkins Creates History On His Way to Gold

The 20 year old was on world-beating form last night!

Sabre Norris 540 vert skateboarding nine years old

Nine Year Old Girls Are Doing 540s On Verts Now?!

Sabre Norris is definitely cooler than you...

Ramp 1 Skatepark

5 Top UK Indoor Skateparks For When The Weather Gets Nasty

Has your local indoor shred spot made the list?

Skateboarding in the Sewers

Skateboarding in Sewers Looks Way Better Than You Might Expect...

You might not think it, but this looks a lot of fun!

Marbel electric lightweight skateboard

Introducing Marbel: The Lightest Electric Skateboard In The World!

Is this about to revolutionise skateboarding? We're not so convinced...

Taylor Jett Triple tre flip

This Has Got To Be Some Of The Most Technical Skating Ever...

Taylor Jett attempts to land a TRIPLE tre flip. Can he do it?

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