17-Year-Old Wants $150,000 After Losing Arm In Horrific “Magic Carpet“ Disaster

Trapped for over an hour, before getting air-lifted to hospital and having his arm amputated.


Holy Heck! This Dude Just Skied Off The Edge Of A 350-Foot Cliff... And Survived

The man who once skied off the edge of the Matterhorn is at it again.


Could This Tinder-Style App Make It Easier To Get Some Action On The Mountain?

Skiing, snowboarding, and sex...this KickStarter project wants to combine all three.

Photo: inthesnow

These Guys Want To Build A $31 Million Snowdome In One Of The Hottest Countries In The World

Snow will be falling on Oman next year. Yep, you did read that right


A Teaser Trailer For The Ski Film ‘Passenger’ Has Dropped...And It's Genuinely Spectacular

If this doesn't inspire you to book next year's ski trip, nothing will.

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17 Cringe-Worthy Holiday Video Clichés That Every Skier Should Avoid‏

Sponsored: Here's what not to do if you actually want people to watch your edit...


Skiers! Your GoPro Footage Will Look Way Cooler If You Turn It Into An 80s Video Game

Nikolai Schirmer's edit is a mixture of real-world skiing and retro computer games.

Photo: iStockPhoto

Here's Why This Powder-Heavy Ski Film Is Making Social Media Users Angry

This is Tamashii - which literally translates as 'no concept of irony'


This Slopestyle Skier Forgot His Drink...He Went Back For It In The Most Ridiculous Way Imaginable

Jesper Tjäder has one hell of a party trick.

Photo: Telluride Sotheby's International Realty

Tom Cruise Is Selling This Insane Luxury Ski Lodge... For Just $59,000,000‏

If you're planning on putting in a bid for this, you can be our wingman anytime...


No Snow? No Worries! South American Edit Will Get You Excited About Sand Dunes

This is the best thing to come out of Peru since Paddington the marmalade-junkie.


When This Skier Lost His iPhone 6 In The Powder Of Japan He Thought It Was Gone Forever... And Then This Happened

Here’s the story of the skiier and the lost iPhone that will restore your faith in humanity


This Crazy Russian Just Became The First Man To Jump Into The Crater Of An Active Volcano

...Oh, and did we mention he dropped twelve and a half metres from a helicopter to start with?

Avalanche Sharks.

Avalanche Sharks Is One Hilariously Sh*t Film...And It's Getting Released On iTunes

It’s a classic story of girls, bikinis, and angry great whites...that live in the snow.

Val d'Isere Heli Skiing France

Students Wanted: This Heli Skiing Company is Recruiting for the Best Job in the World…

Fancy spending your winter heli-skiing? Now you can...


Hackers Post Porn On A Canadian Ski Resorts Facebook Page

Fans of the Sunshine Village ski resort got more than they bargained for when it’s Facebook page was hacked

Øystein Bråten Goal

Norwegian Freestyle Skier Proves That Most Footballers Are Just Overpaid Idiots

Cristiano and Lionel haven't got anything on Robert Andre Ruud.

Skiers vs Snowboarders .

12 Reasons Why Skiing Is Cooler Than Snowboarding

Sharper turns, button lifts, and Candide: We settle the debate once and for all...

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 12.31.45

What Happens When You Fall 60 Foot Off a Chairlift? This Guy Found Out the Hard Way…

This video of every skier's worst fear makes for terrifying watching

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Skiing an Abandoned Slope: This Is What Shredding Would Look Like After the Zombie Apocalypse

This video couldn't be more punk rock if it tried...

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