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24 Terrible Chat Up Lines To Try On The Chairlift This Winter

'I think I must have got on the wrong chairlift... I didn't mean to go straight to heaven!'

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These Crazy Skiers Have Redefined Creativity... And It's Like Nothing You've Ever Seen Before

Honestly, these tricks have to be seen to be believed

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A Huge Artificial Ski Slope Was Being Built in London… So What Happened?

Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner, that I love indoor snow...

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What Do You Get When You Combine Skiing And Sky Diving? Absolute Madness...

Ever heard of 'speedriding'? Neither had we, but it's one hell of a gnarly sport

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This Ski Rescue Video Is The Scariest Thing You’ll See This Week

In case you needed a reason why you shouldn't go skiing alone...

how to be a skier

If You're A Skier, You Need To Watch This Video. It's Hilarious!

How many of these points can you relate to?

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Britain Is Officially Falling In Love With Skiing And Snowboarding, According To New Research

From Russia With Love: how the Sochi Effect' is boosting UK snowsports

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This Australian Ski Edit Is One Of The Best You'll See All Year...

Red Bull rider Russ Henshaw just dropped an awesome edit to get you stoked for winter

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GoPro Are Giving Away $20,000 To Whoever Rides The Best Line This Winter…

Remember that crazy line you rode last year? Go one better and you could make some money


How To Not Look Like An Idiot On Your First Ski Trip

Because we've all been there...

vermont skiier dangles off chairlift

Kid Rescued After Dangling Off Chairlift

He claims he was just hanging out...


'Has Skiing Made Me Bald?' - What Do You Contemplate When You're On The Chairlift?

'This chair precariously pierced into this cable looks pretty high tech to me...'

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This Squaw Valley Ski Edit Is Not To Be Missed...

Still not stoked to trade your shorts for salopettes? Here's a video to change all that


23 #FirstWorldProblems People Encounter When Skiing

How many of these have you overheard on the slopes?

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From Small Photo To Breathtaking Reality: This Ski Trip Is One Of The Best We've Seen...

'Mica To Greenland' is one of the most stunning pieces of adventure cinema you'll see this year

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This Skiier Is As Old As The Mountain He Rides

This inspirational video will make you want to keep skiing forever

Nick Rapley in Breckenridge, Colarado

This Skier Persuaded Cops He Was On His Way To The Olympics... And Escaped A Drink Driving Conviction

Will this Kiwi skier have the same luck in Pyeongchang?


43 French* Phrases Essential For Any British Ski or Snowboard Trip

*These may or may not be in actual French... Most of them are almost definitely not.

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Pros Get It Wrong Too! Here’s A Collection Of Ski Bails That Will Make Your Life Better...

What's better than seeing skiers take on big tricks and pull them off perfectly? Three guesses...


This Epic Drinking Game Will Make Any Ski or Snowboard Film Better

We strongly recommend that nobody ever actually plays this game. Bad things would happen.

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