5 Terrible Snowboard Binding Ideas That Will Never Catch On

WTF? Surely if you tried these they'd break your legs?

Photo: YouTube/Screenshot

This Snowboard Legend Gave Up A 4,000 Square Foot House For A Tiny Cottage Built From Rocks... Here’s Why

Seeing this snowboarder's house will make you turn your back on civilization...


23 Things Snowboarders Do That Ordinary People Won’t Understand

These probably seem strange to people who don't get it...


Meet The Nine Year Old Kid Who Makes Snowboarding Look Like A Video Game

Introducing Ian Matteoli: The future gold medallist everyone else will be talking about in four year time


These Guys Cause Avalanches By Firing Rockets Into Mountains... For A Living

Meet the people who make the mountains

Photo: Think Tank

Three Vital Life Lessons That The New Think Tank Snowboard Edit Teaches Us

Forget your inner-peace and your power animal. Self improvement is just four and a half minutes of snowboarding footage away


Pro Snowboarder Anne-Flore Marxer’s Mum Steps in to Stop Twitter Death Rumours, After Tragic Helicopter Crash In Argentina

She was starring in the same French reality TV show as those who died

Kitzbuhel has one of the best snowparks in the Alps. Photo: Jan Zach / Tourist board

How To Ride World Class Resorts Without Breaking the Bank

Worried the world's best spots are beyond your budget? They can be cheaper than you think...

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‘McTwist’, ‘Pow’ and ‘Bluebird’ Have Just Been Added to the Oxford English Dictionary… No, Seriously!

The words just inducted to the Oxford dictionary will make every skier or snowboarder smile

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This is Sandboarding. It’s Like Snowboarding But Without the Snow... And More Bikinis

This edit is pretty awesome...

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Blizzard In A Box: This Company Claims They'll Send Fresh Snow Direct To Your Door

POWstman Pat never had to put up with this sh*t...

Pulled Along By Bellends

This Dude Pulled His Snowboarding Friend Behind His $240,000 Lamborghini... What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

This maybe the strangest snowboard edit we've seen in a long time

snowmobile step up

This Snowmobiler Just Rode Along a River… And Up a Waterfall

He skips up it like a salmon on steroids


How Do You Have A Snowboard Comp When There's No Snow? These Guys Show You How...

Do you want to build a rail jam? And butter on a car?


Ale Invite Livestream & Schedule

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12 Reasons Why Snowboarding in North America is Better Than in Europe

We love you France, but I'm afraid these are true...

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This Terrifying Video Shows a Snowboarder Falling Face First Over Rocks...

This is what happens when off-piste riding goes wrong


This Crazy Snowboarder Tried to Break a World Record... Getting Towed Behind a Plane

This is what happens when you go 125km/h on a snowboard...

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Xavier de le Rue's Just Released His New Trailer... And It's Awesome

Part snowboarding, part mountaineering, part Arctic exploration and all filmed at minus 40... has he finally lost his mind?

The Stigg from Top Gear tries his hand. Photo: SledDogSkates / YouTube.com

Is Snow Dogging The Worst Winter Sport Invention Ever? It Will Either Fill You With Joy Or Burning Rage

What do you get if you combine Roller Blading and Ice Skating? This sh*t new sport

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