Sochi Was The 10th Most Googled Term This Year… But What Were The Nine That Beat It?

It's not hard to guess who the most Googled athlete of the Winter Olympics was either...


Google have just released their list of the most searched terms of 2014, and tenth in their list of trending searches is the Sochi Winter Olympics.

It may seem like a while back now, but it looks like our favourite boarders and skiers managed to leave their mark – as well as all the other athletes from other sports of course, like curling, called “chess on ice” by some and “tragically boring” by others.

Joining Sochi on the top trends of the year list is a rather mixed bunch of football, popular culture, and of course tragedy:

Sochi 1

It’s cool that despite taking place so early in the year and starting and finishing within the month of February, Sochi has managed to hang onto a place in this list.

Although saying that, the woman with the beard from Eurovision also managed to sneak in three spots higher, so maybe it’s best not to get too excited…

In fact, we’re betting most of the searches for the Winter Olympics were along the lines of ‘What are the rules of the [insert novelty sport] at Sochi?’ or ‘How do I get my parents to turn off the Sochi figure skating?’, but nevertheless, we’ll take it as a positive.

Gotcha.... Photo: The NY Post

It’s also worth noting that despite – or possibly as a result of – missing out on a medal, Mr. Shaun White was the most Googled athlete of the entire Games. We doubt that’ll make him look back on it any more fondly though.

Anyway, bring on PyeongChang, South Korea in 2018. We can’t wait to see who comes out on top and write a thrilling follow up article on Olympic Googling.

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