The Street Artists Inspired By David Bowie Around the Globe

From Britain to Brazil: the impact of Bowie on the streets of the world

The tragic news that musical idol and creative genius David Bowie has passed away has sent the internet into a state of mourning.

Tributes are flooding in from all sorts of people from all over the world, and as Londoners flood to pay their respects at the Brixton mural to David Bowie, just round the corner from where he was born on Stansfield Road, we thought we’d gather up some of the works of street art the artist has inspired around the globe.

Bowie was a huge inspiration to the creative masses and so, so many more. May he rest in peace.

Brixton, London, United Kingdom.

Toronto, Canada.

Miami, USA.

Reykjavik, Iceland.


Melbourne, Australia.


London, United Kingdom.

London, United Kingdom.

London, United Kingdom.

Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Unknown, Brazil.

Unknown, Ecuador.

A portrait of David Bowie by MBW at his New York show.

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