Samsung Galaxy ASP Women’s World Tour Preview Guide

A guide to all 11 events in the women's ASP World Tour calendar

Another new addition to the women’s world tour is the super high performance wave at Lower Trestles. It’s the skate park of surfing, and just happens to be in the middle of Orange County at the heart of the surf industry.

A split peak, over cobblestones, the rippable lefts and rights mean that it opens up a playing field for all sorts of surfers.

Tube rides are rarer though and the wave is generally more about turns, airs and waves with solid combinations of both. It occurs at a pivotal point in the calendar with only three events remaining so it can define a world championship campaign.

Who to watch?

So many of the girls train here when they are based out of California that it makes it a very even playing field. The lefts and rights suit pretty much every girl in the top 16 do it will be fascinating to see who can rise to the occasion. Like the men though it will most likely be who gets on the best roll and builds confidence and momentum that will decide the champion.

Carissa Moore at Trestles Video:

How to watch?

The whole of the tour is broadcast live on a free webcast, just go to and follow the link.

California is GMT -8. The event runs typically over the best three days of the holding period.

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