mike coots surfing prosthetic leg

This Dude Lost His Leg To A Shark, But Still Rips On A Surfboard

Mike Coots is seriously inspirational!

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 09.52.11

Sick Of The Rain? This Sport Actually Gets Better When It Pours Down

Bavarian barrel riding at its best


Will This 'Electric Shark Puncher' Keep You Safe While Surfing?

Or will it just piss the toothy bastards off?

Photo: Cal Jelley

24 Essential Tips For Surviving A Road Trip

Best mates, beers and distractive kittens - all the advice you need for a month in a van...

oakley shape shifting surfboard

This Unbelievable Surfboard Can Change Shape At The Press Of A Button

Could this shape-shifting technology revolutionise surfing?


David Beckham Surfing & Santas With Hams: 10 Best Surf Adverts Of All Time

Just sometimes those advertising execs manage to get it right...

Photo: IBT

This Surfing Priest Is Set To Become The World's First Waveriding Saint

Well, apart from Jesus...


Skate, Snowboard, Or Surf? How About All Three. In One Day... This Is Triple Threat

If this film doesn't make you want to go out and shred with friends, nothing will. Ever.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 17.09.52

Two Playboy Bunnies Go Surfing... And Sh*t Gets Freaky Really Fast

Surfing goes all Twin Peaks

Fists Of Fury

Would You Punch A Shark In The Face To Save A Friend? This Guy Did

Brian Wargo: hero, shark puncher, fruit cake

Ferris Bueller

How To... Pull A Sickie

Work getting in the way of surfing this week? Here are our tips on playing hooky properly

Photo: Quiksilver

How To... Get A Job In The Surf Industry

It's f*cking hard, but it's not impossible...

Alana Blanchard isn't going to win an Oscar any time soon for this performance... Photo: T Mobile

Perfume, Pints And Alana Blanchard: 10 Terrible Adverts That Will Make Surfers Weep

Don Draper will be spinning in his grave...

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 10.29.58

Get Your Wetsuits Out! This Is Slow Motion Surfing In Ultra-HD...

The Phantom Flex cameras are back out for another 4K edit to take your breath away


Don’t Go Surfing Without Reading This: How To Avoid Drowning In A Rip Current

Tragically three people were killed this weekend surfing in Cornwall. Here are our essential safety tips…

love surfing

10 Signs You're Addicted To Surfing

If you can tick off at least five or more of these, then you've got problem on your hands...

steve roberson honolua bay surfing

How the Hell Did 6-Year-Old Stevie Roberson Get This Good At Surfing?

If you didn't already feel old, this will make you want to give up altogether...


WARNING: These Incredible Photos of #VanLife Will Make You Want to Jack In Your Job

Foster Huntington lived in his van for three years, and took the most awesome shots...


Bad-Mouthing, Board Stabbing & Fist Fights in the Water: These Are The Greatest Rivalries Surfing Has Ever Seen

Can you be best mates but hate each other at the same time? These pro surfers think so...


No Waves? No Problem. This Guy Can Turn Any Beach Into A Surfing Nirvana. He Just Needs £50,000...

This giant inflatable air bubble might be exactly what we need...

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