Everyone Knows Pro Surfers Hook Up With Hotties. But I Bet You Didn’t Know They Were This Hot…

Just imagine the offspring this lot could produce

If getting paid to surf wasn’t enough, these surfers also have ridiculously hot girlfriends. Get ready for some life envy…

Luke Davis and Cailin Russo

Fair enough, these two look quite suitably matched..

Luke Davis is a 22-year old professional surfer from California with model good looks, a super smooth style and one of California’s IT girls as his squeeze.

“The press linked Russo with monkey loving, Bloom baiting, billionaire brat Justin Bieber”

Cailin Russo is perhaps most famous as starring as the hot blonde in Justin Bieber’s Confident and All That Matters videos (yeah, don’t deny it, you are all Beliebers and know exactly the vids we are talking about).

The Hollywood press linked Russo with the monkey loving, Bloom baiting, billionaire brat Justin Bieber, but she denied all rumours and confirmed her relationship with Davis.

The LA model fended off accusations from Selena Gomez of being, like, a bitch and has stuck with the natural footer, scuttling between New York and LA on modelling gigs and the odd surf trip to Mexico with her man.

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