The 14 most creative tricks in skiing (the ones created by LINE Traveling Circus that is)!

15:05 12th November 2013 by Kel Verbiest

Freeskiers have a habit of being some of the most creative people on the planet.

Heck, even snowboarders can lay claim to their fair share of creativity but I’m only talking about group of guys that always go above and beyond – LINE Traveling Circus.

If you aren’t aware of what these guys do then you’re about to have the enlightening of a lifetime! LINE Traveling Circus is, in a nutshell, a bunch of skiers traveling in a van (or some sort of van) around the country hitting up different places to ski. It might not sound like much but with skiers like Ian Compton, Andy Parry, Will Wesson, LJ Strenio and more, LINE Skis had set themselves up to succeed with a solid but crazy bunch of riders. They will ski despite a complete lack of snow, mountain or sometimes, skis!

If you’re doubting the reality of it all, we’ve lined up 14 animated gifs that shows off the most ridiculous creativity from all of the episodes that have been released so far!

1. Some people make a box rail to session but these guys made a box rail on skis, y’know, so it moved. It also looks like a shitload of awesome.

The moving box

2. The van might get you from A to B but sometimes it’s integral to the trick you’re trying to perform.

The Van

3. Boats are used all over the place but for the Traveling Circus guys it’s the best method of not having to ski to a rail.

The boat

4. If you have no snow or mountain, get some snow from somewhere and shred through your RV!

Car park RV

5. Simply named (by us) as the Full pipe Halfpipe.

The full pipe halfpipe

6. Sometimes it takes a lot of choreography to land great tricks. Sometimes it takes a lot of digging and a bit of practice.

The home-made ditch

7. LJ Strenio shows us that rails can be completely square and still be ridden.

LJ Strenio - The square

8. The backyard gym can be a wonderful place.

The backyard work out

9. Always use the environment around you – make some boxes and make the trees into an obstacle!

LJ Strenio - The up and under

10. A slide for kids isn’t always used as a slide for kids…

The slide

11. Skiing can be tiring so it’s worth getting a chair to take a break.

Ski chair

12. What did we just say about using the environment around you? Swing from the trees and make Darwin proud.

The tree swing

13. Sometimes you have to make your own obstacles on the spot.

Skis as a ramp

14. And people say that poles should go in your hands! This doesn’t end well.

Ski poles...
We think you’ll agree that these guys are overly creative and it’s the perfect way to have fun! That’s exactly what it’s all about – having fun! If you want to see more of their videos then check out LINE Skis MPORA profile.

Plane/wakeboard tow

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