The Many Faces of Shaun White

The Look Book of the Flying Tomato

shaun white haircut

American’s icon Shaun White has been made famous because of his riding skills on a snowboard and a skateboard; Olympics titles, X Games and other countless awards and victories make him the most famous – and also bankable – action sports athlete in the world. Let’s face it, Shaun White is a talented snowboarder and skater who is always eager to compete to show the planet he’s the best at what he does.

Similar to many worldwide celebrities Shaun White has his own trademark: his red hair. And this is why he owns the nickname of “The Flying Tomato”!

We had a look into Shaun’s last decade of haircut extravaganza, and to be honest, we never thought he would have had so many styles!

The Home Alone


The Bowl Cut and Elastic Bands

sw cereal bowl

The Rockstar Olympian

White in
White in

The Bad Boy

©Metropolitan Nashville Police Department
©Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

The Little Mermaid

sw ariel

The Bieber Fever

sw indie front man

The First Job Interview

sw respectable businessman

The Questionable Goatee

sw hippie

The Questionable Moustache

sw pirate sex pest

The Haircut


The Amish Chic

sw amish
Shaun White has clearly been enjoying the rockstar lifestyle even when he was still snowboarding.

The Rumspringa

sw farmer

The All-American

sw lucious locks

The Dixie Chick

sw dandy

The Dead Eyed Winner

White was stoked to qualify for the US Slopestyle Snowboard Team for Sochi... but pulled out before the event started.

The International Terrorist

sw balaclava

The Because I’m Worth It

sw surfer worth

The Santa Clause

sw santa clause

The Car Dealer

sw disreputable businessman

The Chewing Gum Dealer

sw shameless businessman

The Poor Role Model for Children

sw skater

The Blanco En Negro

sw snowboarder

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