This Map Tracks Sharks Around The World!

How would you feel if you could see if a shark circling your local break? Now you can find out...

This is seriously cool.

You may remember we came across this rad map from Strava, documenting the world’s mountain bike trails on a single map.

The Global Shark Tracker map shows sharks swimming around the world – with live ‘pings’ informing you of their location!

All the sharks listed have been tagged by OCEARCH, a non-profit research organisation set up by PhD students, looking to learn more about sharks and how to protect them.
“You can see the name of the the shark, it’s gender, where it was last spotted and how many miles it’s travelled!”
Just click on the dots and it will give a profile of the shark, including name, gender, where they were last spotted and how many miles they’ve travelled since being tagged.

You can also track their paths across the ocean! Take Rizzilient the Mako shark, for example. She’s travelled a total of 8,117 miles since she was tagged in July 2013. Just check out her journey across the Atlantic!

Just look at how many there are swimming around South Africa!

Obviously, this map doesn’t cover every shark in the whole world. Well, not yet anyway. But it’s a pretty cool tool to see where about’s these animals live and where they’re headed to next!

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