This Snowboarder Looks Like a Complete Beginner… But That Doesn’t Stop Him Trying to Drop A 100 Foot Cliff

Mt Baker madman Morgan Rose just goes for it!

You might not have heard of him, but apparently Morgan Rose has built a reputation as a bit of a nutcase around Mt Baker. This footage proves why. It looks like he can’t put in a proper turn in powder and yet here he is hucking himself off a 100 foot cliff?!? Not only that, but he’s apparently scared of heights and gets scared riding a chairlift. It must’ve taken some serious balls (or just a screw loose?) to confront his fear and launch himself off this cliff not once, not twice but four times. Just listen to his reasoning: “I’m seeing these guys doing it and they’re still breathing so I can do it too”. Makes sense… I guess? We suspect we’ll be hearing more about “coonman” in the future…

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