Top 6 Women to watch out for at the Roxy Pro

Our picks for who is going to do well at the Roxy Pro

The 2014 Roxy pro ushers in a new era for Women’s surfing. Whilst performance levels and individual sponsorship of the the female side of the sport has been at an all time high, ┬áthe world tour has taken a little time to catch up.

But that has all changed now, with the same blanket sponsor as the men, Samsung Galaxy, and a raft of new events, including Fiji and Hawaii, the women’s tour has never looked healthier. With that new found vigour comes extra competition and the girls are up for the challenge.

Unlike the men there is only a top 17 on the women’s tour which makes competition even tighter and less room for error. So with that in mind we give you our top 6 women to watch out for on the Gold Coast.

The 2013 Women’s Roxy Pro Trailer:

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