Top 6 Women to watch out for at the Roxy Pro

Our picks for who is going to do well at the Roxy Pro

Courtney Conlogue has risen up through the ranks of Women’s surfing just a little bit under the radar. She didn’t arrive under a much hyped banner and hasn’t been splashed over men’s mags as a model, but the girl from Santa Ana, California has emerged as a real contender.

She has got this far with a sick style and a very solid work ethic, it’s lead to two career victories already and being a genuine title contender last year. This year has to be a step up season for her, you can run with the big players for a year by accident, but becoming one of them is a whole other matter.

We think she’ll step it up though and with a powerful forehand attack, she has a real chance to take out the whole event on the Gold Coast.

Courtney Conlogue Video:

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