Top 6 Women to watch out for at the Roxy Pro

Our picks for who is going to do well at the Roxy Pro

Sally Fitzgibbons is one of the best comepetive surfers man or woman. She won every junior title going on the way to qualifying for the women’s world tour, and in the time she has now been on tour she has an incredible 75% heat win ratio.

The fact that she hasn’t won a world title yet is purely because the two women left in this feature have won more events, they actually have a way lower heat win ratio though. Sally is due a world title, and does well on The Gold Coast.

If she were able to overcome the dual challenge of Carissa Moore and Stephanie Gilmore here then it would be just the springboard she needs. If you want to look beyond Moore and Gilmore our money is on Sally.

Sally Fitzgibbons surfing in Dubai:

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