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X Games Austin 2014: 10 Awesome Moments From X Games History That Will Get You Pumped

Legendary moments from down the years

Back when the event started it was known as the Extreme Games and it was just a tad different to the global spectacle we see today.

On the agenda was bungee jumping, bouldering and, believe it or not, barefoot waterski jumping!

Yep, you read that right. Athletes would be pulled along on the back of a boat on a tow rope, skimming the water on their bare feet – water skiing but without the skis.

“It was water skiing only without the skis.”

The very first winner of this event was Australian Justin Seers who made history by becoming the first ever winner of an X Games gold medal.

After hitting a few obstacles and doing some barefoot ‘tricks’, he hit a kicker and launched himself 88 feet through the air before landing back on his feet.

Unfortunately, barefoot jumping only lasted three years before it was dropped. Shame.

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