Everything You Need To Know About Winter X-Games 2014

Who, what, when and how each event is mapped out for Winter X-Games XVII

When?: Men’s final on Friday 24 January.

Where?: 300ft course with a single 80ft step up jump.

Who?: Torstein Horgmo (2013 Gold), Halldor Helgason, Yuki Kadono, Sage Kotsenburg, Mark McMorris, Max Parrot, Stale Sandbech, Seppe Smits, Sven Thorgren, Seb Toutant.

Format: Two heats of five compete in a 15 minute jam. Top three from each heat advance to a six man final where another 18 minute jam determines the winners.

Scoring: Top two scores from each jam are counted and measured out of 100.

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