Ethan Deiss


Ethan Deiss is one of many from the United States' Midwest currently tearing up the professional snowboarding game. Growing up riding the slightly inclined slopes of Trollhaugen, Deiss shot to fame with a sequence of viral videos, which captured him pulling off some insane rail-wrecking tricks. He has come a long way fast, especially considering that his first outing onto the slopes ended in abandonment after struggling with the straps of his boots. That was back in the third grade. Now as a senior, he has been able to grab the attention of everyone in the sport with his incredible , rail-wrecking performance in Role Model's "Think Positive". Deiss comes from a little town called Osceola on the border of Wisconsin and Minnesota and just recently turned 18. He will, like most boarders from his area, eventually look to take his game out west, where the winters are slightly less harsh and there is a bit more variety on offer. His street style riding is casual to the extent of being horizontal. He is a solid performer on rails and it is this that has really grabbed the attention of many in the sport. His consistency is growing with every ride and, with a big name behind him now, much more is expected from the young Mid-Westerner in the future.


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