Marc Swoboda


Born on 25th August 1985 in Tulln, Austria, Marc Swoboda is a man of many talents – be it playing guitar, snowboarding or acting in movies. Growing up in the Austrian Alps, an area full of of great mountains, great piste, it proved the perfect training ground for Swoboda. As he grew older snowboarding became more than just a hobby and began to dominate his time. The rider in him, jazzed up with his sizeable love for sports, landed him in national level competitions. His success lead to him turning professional shortly after. At the age of 21, he secured his biggest wins to date, dominating the Austria Rookie Challenge – taking home the Best Style, Best Railrider and Best Overall Rider awards. His other major achievements include: 2nd place in 2007 Absolute Park Spring battle and silver in 2008 atthe Red Bull Nashan Open. Unfortunately, Marc missed the entirety of 2010/11 season due to a series of injuries. The young athlete’s road to recovery manifested his determination through appearances in a number of snowboarding films, such as Loveolution and Let’s Go Get Lost. When he's not out on his board, Marc can be found practising new tricks on the trampoline, playing baseball and singing the blues on his guitar.


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