Pierre-Luc Gagnon


The reigning king of Vert, Pierre Luc Gagnon won his first X Games golds in 2002 in the Vert and Best Trick events, and he’s been the one to beat ever since. He earned the first Vert 3-peat in 2010, and now owns a total of 18 X Games medals, including seven gold, eight silver and two bronze. A pulverized patella in 2006 could have been a major setback, but he came back stronger - in 2008, apart from his X Games victory, he won the Maloof Money Cup and the Dew Cup. He went on to win the Dew Tour again in 2010 and 2011, and the Gravity Games in 2012. He is also a four-time consecutive winner of the core Tampa Pro Vert contest. PLG grew up in Montreal, Canada where he spoke French with fellow vert shredder Max Dufour and practised on whatever vert ramps he could get find. In 1992, when PLG was 12, the Boucherville park was built in the city, complete with state-of-the-art halfpipe. However, after winning the Vans Amateur series in 1996, PLG turned pro and it was not long before he moved to California. Now, 16 years on, PLG has perhaps the best board control of any skater in the field and is certainly one of the most technical. He has the full array of tricks, including multiple 720s, nollie Indy heel flip 360s, and a kick flip McTwist body varial, which he combines with bionic heights and an astounding capacity to land complete runs.

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