Rob Parkin


Working alongside brother John, Rob Parkin is a professional film producer, the man behind the renowned Dirt TV race videos, as well as race weekend videos from downhill events on the World Cup tour. The brothers’ portfolio expanded in 2013 with the addition of the inaugural Enduro World Series - they produce and then broadcast online a feature-length highlights show from each event in the series. Fortunately, getting around the tough Enduro courses isn’t too much of a challenge for Rob, who is a talented mountain biker in his own right. He rides a lot over the winter months, and regularly battles it out with his brother at the Megavalanche and other uber mountain races. “We don’t see the courses being too much of a challenge physically,” Rob says about the new competition, “although keeping up with the likes of Jerome Clementz and Nico Vouilloz might be a whole different story!” As a competitor he now says that the appeal of mass start enduro has waned, and that he gets most excited about cyclocross and events such as the Island Cup Enduro in Victoria, British Columbia. However, as a filmmaker it’s a very different story. “For the sport of mountain biking to grow it needs to be more accessible to the general public,” he says, “and we plan to do our best in promoting the EWS by making damn good videos from each and every round. Enduro racing has great potential and it could be just the format that brings mountain biking to a wider audience.”


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