Sterling Lorence


Sterling Lorence is a professional freelance photographer based in Vancouver, Canada. He is one of the best known names currently shooting mountain biking images, and has earned a reputation as one with vision for unique and original perspectives coupled with a quick eye and understanding for quality light in all its environments. Over the last ten years, working with all the sport’s top riders, his images have documented the rise of the freeride movement and shown off the famous trails of the North Shore, Kamloops and Whistler to the world. Indeed, it is no exaggeration to say that his capture of some of the first images that made it out of the North Shore and into the international mountain bike scene caused an explosion of interest in the sport as a whole. Sterling was born and raised on the North Shore, and grew up with a passion for mountain biking and the freeride scene. With creative energy to burn, an interest in the environment and a professional photographer cousin as his mentor, he soon realised he could earn a living from taking pictures of the sport he loved. He is also a talented rider in his own right, a fact he says that inspires his photography. “It shows me how to interpret what the rider is doing or feeling into the composition of my shots,” he says. “If I stop riding for some time, I find it much harder to get the shots I want.”

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