The Power of Eight THE POWER OF EIGHT... You may ask, what does this mean? Well, with the launch of iON’s AIR PRO™ HD Sports Video Camera we are preparing to deliver product with 8 sides to it along with 8 very powerful elements to own one! So here it goes... The FIRST ELEMENT - One of the lightest Wi-Fi enabled HD Action camera weighing just 130 grams. The most ergonomic footprint amongst leading competitors. The SECOND ELEMENT - "No Raincoat Required"... If only the others could say that... It’s Waterproof up to 30 feet / 10 meters with no need for an additional outer casing. The Waterproof microphone enables high quality audio while offering protection from the elements. The THIRD ELEMENT - "No Strings Attached"... The others may try and make you believe that they do not need cables but watch closely what is about to come!!! We have the PODZ™ Advantage! With the iON Wi-Fi PODZ™, users are able to preview what the camera sees, replay video footage and seamlessly transfer their content to YouTube, Facebook or the Internet using their mobile smart device without the need for a computer or cables. All this without adding weight or attachments to the camera! The FOURTH ELEMENT - "One Finger to the Competition"... Our One Click Capture along with vibration function allows simultaneous camera start and record with one finger and positive confirmation. Still Image Capture (Single Shot, Time Lapse and 10 photo burst modes) also with one click. The FIFTH ELEMENT - "Long Life" - Oh how we all look to achieve this... none more than an electronic device. We all strive for longer battery life in our product. How does 4 hours of video recording sound? We’ll do it with our iON Battery booster!! The SIXTH ELEMENT - "Experience".... It is not about the camera, it is about the ability to SHOOT in High Definition and SHARE it as you live it. There is nothing more profound than an AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE... It is all about the experience. The SEVENTH ELEMENT - "Born to be Free" - We were all born to be free and when something comes along for free we gravitate to it... especially when it is a great thing. With our new iON CLOUD™, powered by MiMedia, you get 8GB of FREE storage PLUS the ability to view your content on smart phones and tablets anywhere! Now you can store, manage and share your exploits with ease with iON CLOUD™! The EIGHTH ELEMENT - "Needs"... It is that simple. We all have needs. You need to have the best product on the market and we want to be the best product on the market. It is all about CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. The Power of Eight will live soon through the iON AIR PRO™ !!!

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