Centered around the construction of high quality freestyle terrain parks, the mission of QParks is to support the youth where we can in order to keep freestyle alive! Having our roots deeply in freestyle, we were among the first freestylers in Austria and witnessed its stunning development, starting with snowboarding in the late 70's till the most recent Freeski-boom. Now, being a little more "grown-up", our lifes are still centered around the white “elixir of life” and we want to give back some of the precious and unique gifts that freestyle has given us. We've built all our concepts in view of keeping this wonderful sport alive, simply through building the best snowparks in the Alps and thereby providing everyone a decent ground for rising to a pro and star in the scene! Our events, coaching programs and shootings are the best stages for young bloods to perform and show what freestyle is about! We act as the mediator between the community, the Industry and the various resorts. We care for the future of wintersports!

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