RMSKATE LTD. is here to fuse society and skateboarding into a better and more harmonious understanding. We all have individual talents and passions. Ours is skateboarding. We came together to break all stereotyping of skateboarders and lead the image of skateboarding as role models . We want to grow our company with the involvement of the people. We want to allow fellow skater's to express themselves alongside RMSKATE and in turn have non skater's gain a better insight into the passion that we share for such an expressive lifestyle. As skater's, let us all push one another to be better at what we love to do. Skateboarding will be seen as something more and more people will want to be a part of. RESPECT already exists in skateboarding, it's just not as powerful as it should be. And that is what we plan to change. #RMS. All that may seem like some happy go lucky nonsense but it's our reality and we would like to bring skaters together and in turn have everybody RESPECT the fact that we all share the best sport/lifestyle on this planet.

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