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BMX fails, BMX fails, BMX fails.

You don’t have to know the long or short history of BMX to figure out that sometimes people fall off their bikes. It’s hard to get away from on social media.

Why does the world love BMX fails so? Well, watching the professionals shred hard is great and all; getting inspired by the best in the world and letting your jaw drop as your icons drop staircases, stick ledges and nail the hardest tricks around on BMX bikes with seeming ease... But sometimes, just sometimes, you need something a little lower key to remind you that maybe you're not so useless after all.

Sometimes, you’d rather watch a montage of folk attempting the basic BMX tricks, and horribly failing, than watch someone go full shred in a steelworks, nose manual for days or y’know, go full on Kriss Kyle in a moving skatepark.

Maybe you stepped in a puddle when you left your front door today, maybe you dropped your toast butter-side-down and smashed the screen on your phone when you went down to get it. Or maybe, you just enjoy laughing at the misfortune of others.

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Whatever the case, the team at Mpora are here to appease, so we’ve gathered up some of the worst... or best BMX fails from the vaults of the interwebs – 10 of the most viewed BMX fails on YouTube.

Point, laugh, rejoice, cringe, gasp, look away in horror. But remember, everybody bails, so one day... this could be you!

Warning: Some of these are not funny, absolutely savage, and you probably shouldn’t watch them at work!

1) ‘BMX Treadmill Fail’ – Absolutely unnecessary BMX fail

2) ‘BMX Race Start Epic Fail’ – Deeply, deeply satisfying BMX fail

3) ‘MTV Scarred – Bloody BMX Crash’ – Brutal “I blame the bike" BMX fail

4) ‘Max Eyre | Feeble Hard 180 Ledge Bail’ – The more you watch it BMX fail

5) ‘20 Stair El Toro BMX Crash to the Head’ – Brandon Begin’s Terrifying BMX fail

This video in no way makes for pleasant viewing. While filming his new OSS video in 2014 at the infamous El Toro staircase, Brandon Begin went for a half cab and came up just short, clipping his back wheel on the final stairs. He was knocked unconscious for two minutes, but just as his crew were about to call 911, he woke up and walked it off. He recovered fine!

6) ‘Crazy BMX Crash’ – Brutal rooftop BMX fail

7) ‘Fail of the Day: BMX Lakeside Crash’ – Should’ve known BMX fail

8) ‘Bunny Hop BMX Fail – Guess Who Gets Pwned’ – Hard not to laugh BMX fail

9) ‘Insane Failed BMX Flip Off Roof’ – Knew it was coming BMX fail

10) NSWF: ‘Guy Breaks Leg From BMX Bail’ – “Holy Sh*t! I broke my f*cking leg!" BMX fail

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