bmx 2013 featured

bmx 2013 featured

2013 was an epic year in BMX. We saw incredible things at the Red Bull Dirt in Mexico, Garrett Reynolds stepped up the performance levels again in Deadline and Dennis Enarson marked an incredible comeback.

Picking out the highlights wasn't easy, but with a little help from our friends at Dig we got there in the end. And we’re pretty pleased with this collection of clips. Let us know in the comments if you think there are even more that should be there!

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[part title="Nike Europe Crew in Barcelona"]

The Nike Europe crew (with US guest Chad Kerley)  raised the ‘another Barcelona video’ bar to a new level back in April. Chad Kerley, Kriss Kyle, Simone Barraco, Alex Kennedy, Joris Coulomb, and Daniel Tünte shred the hell out of a ton of Barcelona spots, with Dig's Peter Adam behind the lens. One of the edits of the season.

[part title="Red Bull Dirt in Mexico"]

Ryan Nyquist  took the Red Bull Dirt trophy in Mexico in an event which went down as one of the best of the year. Unique lines, big moves and linked up runs made this an event to remember.

[part title="Garrett Reynolds Changes Everything...Again."]

It was the most anticipated BMX movie in years. It had been slated the year before, but as always the wait was worth it. Starring the legendary Garret Reynolds, the movie, and especially Reynolds changed levels of BMX performance yet again.

[part title="Joyride 150 with Drew Bezanson"]

When you hear the words Drew Bezanson and Joyride 150, you know you’re about to witness something insane. But 2013 saw a new edit for Red Bull that took everything to another level. A rock solid banger of a clip.

[part title="Anthony Perrin in Budapest"]

Dig magazine took youngster Anthony Perrin to Budapest where both rider and location blew our minds. He is one to watch out for the future without a doubt so watch this space.

[part title="Texas Toast"]

Texas Toast was an outright blast, and is the event/contest/get together of 2013 by a mile. So many aspects of the contest culminated to make one incredible weekend, including a Gauntlet Of Death, awesome street course, a classic dirt setup, a ton of fun mini events and a great vibe

[part title="BSD in Moscow"]

The BSD crew were set loose in the Russian capital, Moscow and proceeded to shred the hell out of any spot in sight. Just under seven minutes of gold from this lot producing one of the web clips of the year.

[part title="The Comeback - Dennis Enarson"]

Dennis Enarson marked his comeback from injury with an incredible performance in one of the movies of the year - Markit Zero. He also marked the comeback by winning the inaugural Dig Rider of the year award. Awesome performance.

[part title="Harrymania"]


The Scouse legend dropped another sick series of web clips with Harrymania, and cemented his rep as one of the best park riders in Europe and beyond, This is just a taster, check out his YouTube channel for the whole series.

[part title="Chad Kerley - Ride BMX's Rider of The Year"]

Already world renowned as one of the best street BMX riders, Chad Kerley made 2013 another year to remember. As well as putting together some epic video parts, like the Nike team in Barcelona at the head of our list, he also ruled in competition. The highlight of the year was the summer X Games in Los Angeles where he beat the likes of Garrett Reynolds to take the gold. Then to cap it all off he got the Ride BMX UK Readers Award.