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In BMX there are plenty of tricks which seem tough and there are tricks that might fill you with dread when you even think about trying them.

But then there are the tricks which appear outright impossible. You know the ones that seem to have been cooked up in some weird lab with the help of a deranged monkey butler and just the right amount of lightning.

"These tricks have been cooked up in some weird lab with a deranged monkey butler and just the right amount of lightning."

These are the sort of moves that make you do an instant double take, rub your eyes and hit replay as you can feel history crystallising in front of your face.

If a rider lands one they become an instant hero with tidal waves of adoring fans rushing to touch whichever part of them they can reach - while they're trying to figure out if all their parts are still attached!

Tricks like this deserve your time and attention so sit back and stare in disbelief at these 5 Impossible BMX Tricks. [part title="Drew Bezanson - Blind Skatepark Transfer"]

The trick is at the end, but you should really watch this whole edit. Drew throws down a series of crazy transfers in this Red Bull special including a monster hit at 1.06.

The clip, set in Drew's home park of Joyride 150 in Ontario is crammed full of the sort of inventive playfulness that comes from someone who knows their surroundings well.

Finally, around 3.11 the high gallery that divides two parts of the park grabs Drew's attention.

"He gets bored of the board and busts out a ridiculous transfer... totally blind!"

He starts off using a board section for some tasty step-ups (which we all know can end in tears) before finally getting bored of the board and busting out a ridiculous transfer... totally blind!

Drew rockets over the gallery and stomps the landing like he had x-ray vision rather than a panic-inducing couple of seconds after take-off where all he can see is wall.

And all this amid some fairly clear signage about the T-word - cheeky scamp. [part title="Jed Mildon - Triple Backflip"]

Two words, triple backflip. The previous double backflip benchmark set by Dave Mirra in the 2000 X-Games stood for 11 years until 2011 when Jed Mildon decided he'd had enough of the laws of physics and it was about time someone taught them a lesson.

In his home town of Taupo, New Zealand Jed battled through genuine fears of death to give gravity a proper kicking and add an extra flip to the world record.

"Jed battled through genuine fears of death..."

This insane feat propelled Jed to international fame and has become a trick that he now casually throws down while on tour with Nitro Circus.

Jed's boundary busting antics didn't stop there though and with the world's first double backflip tailwhip under his belt all eyes are on the Kiwi Warrior to see what he does next.

Obviously fingers are crossed for an awe-inspiring quad attempt at some point - after all what's one extra flip between friends?! [part title="Greg Powell - Special Flip"]

There's no way any list of ridiculous tricks would be complete without this one.

Back in 2011 Greg Powell decided to boldly go where no man had gone before with an eye-popping full backflip independent of his bike, before grabbing back onto the frame for dear life and living to ride another day.

"It's an eye-popping full backflip independent of his bike."

The trick had previously been tried at Dave Mirra's warehouse, and though online video is hard to come by this grainy Spanish subtitled clip shows you the trick's genesis back in 2010.

The Special Flip's legacy was made clear in 2012 when Tom Pages followed suit in the X-Games Moto X Best Trick Comp.

http://youtu.be/UdA21fTw7aU [part title="The Full Pipe Loop"]

Red Bull always bring the goods and the Full Circle project was no exception when the purveyors of liquid stimulation sent Mike ‘Hucker’ Clark, Sebastian Keep, Cam Wood, Matt Beringer and Morgan Wade off to Wyoming to take on a 16ft drainage pipe.

The motley crew sessioned the pipe all day with some ridiculous bar riding from Hucker and a 25ft handplant by Wade before a storm started to brew.

Many people hearing that first crack of thunder would quite sensibly want to leave the giant concrete pipe but Morgan had other ideas.

Cranking full-tilt at his teammates, the gutsy Texan boosted up the vert and threw down a perfect full pipe loop over their disbelieving heads.

"Cranking full-tilt at his teammates, the gutsy Texan boosted up the vert and threw down a perfect full pipe loop."

Although full loops are nothing new, the shear size of this beast and the way that Wade takes it all in his stride with no airbag or trial runs just blows you away.

Wade's antics clearly inspired Hucker and who knows, with a bit of coaching from Morgan maybe Panagiotis Manaras can crack this 24.5ft monster?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BB_KnqCXbcQ [part title="Ryan Williams - Front Flip Bike Flip"]

For a lot of riders just hearing the word scooter starts their blood boiling. In skateparks everywhere hordes of tiny, unsupervised nippers scoot around obliviously, acting like magnets for all kinds of carnage

It's a wonder anyone survives their early years as a scooter rider - but those that do can go on to push the boundaries of proper sports in pretty spectacular style, borrowing heavily from both BMX and skate culture with with off-axis spins, manuals, double inverts and increasingly technical tricks.

"It's a wonder anyone survives their early years as a scooter rider..."

Among these riders Ryan Williams has been a pioneer for scooter progression throwing down world firsts such as the actually quite impressive Silly Willy (a 360 double front flip).

The Aussie athlete's latest offering turned heads and also gave something back to BMX with the world's first front flip forward bike flip.

This trick, previously only performed on scooters, translates amazingly well to BMX. Maybe it's time to stop hating on the tiny two wheelers? Nah... actually, maybe it's not.

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