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Berlin's Mellow Park in action. Photo: David Ulrich/Red Bull

Tired of ripping around your local park and looking for something, well, a bit more exciting? We know how you feel.

There's a world of insane dirt tracks, parks and concrete havens to be explored. You just need to know where to look for them. Which is why we've selected some of our favourites from around the world.

Which one would you head to first?

[part title="Mellow Park, Berlin, Germany"]

Photo: Red Bull

The Mellow Park in Berlin is probably one of the sickest places in the world.

Easily one of the biggest parks in Europe, it has 60,000 sq. m of terrain to play with. This includes the mammoth world-class race track (above), which hosted the Red Bull R.Evolution last year plus this year's Supercross World Cup.

BMX riders flock here from the world over to rip up the skatepark, halfpipe, pump tracks, wallrides, mini ramps... and dirt jumps. You name it, Mellow Park has got it.

Plus it's got wooden cabins on site that you can stay in. So you can ride all day, sleep, then do it all over again.

Check out how the race track rides below...

[part title="Manchester Indoor BMX Track, UK"]


Manchester's Indoor BMX Track at the National Cycling Centre was only built in 2011, but it's fast becoming a mecca for British BMX riders.

OK, so the name doesn't conjure up visions of insane Nitro Circus-style stunts, but it's one of the raddest places in the UK to race from an 8m starting ramp into some mental tracks and BIG jumps.

Plus if you feel like your riding has plateaued, then the centre runs lessons to help you progress.

[part title="Ray's MTB Park, Ohio, USA"]

Photo: Chad Ruhl

As the title suggests, Ray's MTB Park wasn't specifically built for BMX riders. But, as the guys over at Ride BMX Transworld note, "you will never hear a pro rider say he or she didn’t have fun at Ray’s".

"You will never hear a pro rider say he or she didn’t have fun at Ray’s"

It's a 32,000 sq. m indoor park with a warren of ramps, berms, step-ups and logs to exercise your skills on. There's also a foam pit, bowl and wooden pump track to keep you entertained for hours without covering the same ground.

[part title="Chula Vista, California, USA"]

Photo: chulabmx.com

The Chula Vista track is said to be the most difficult in the USA.

It's housed in the grounds of the Olympic Training Centre in San Diedo, so the chances are you could be riding alongside US Olympic riders like Brooke Crain or Connor Fields.

Last year, they improved the current track to include new step-ups, rollers, doubles and triples - as well as building a replica to the London 2012 course for the BMX Supercross World Cup last September.

Needless to say, it's gnarly but super fun. Definitely one for the bucket list.

[part title="Olympic BMX Track at Lee Valley VeloPark, London, UK"]

Photo: BBC

Speaking of London 2012, we couldn't go without including the Olympic BMX track on our hit list.

The 390m floodlit track has been remodelled since the Games, so riders no longer have to clear each bump in order to reach the next one, creating a totally rollable course.

The seats have been taken out to create an easier track, so anyone from the age of seven upwards can come and give it a go - as well as catering to pro-level standards.

Photo: Michael Jones

[part title="Travis Pastrana's Superpark, Maryland, USA"]

Photo: Red Bull

If you've watched the tour around Travis Pastrana's house, you'll know how sick his backyard set-up is.

The multiple gold medallist apparently built this superpark in his backyard for his cousin/Nitro Circus crew member Special Greg to get him into the BMX Big Air at the X-Games.

It's got a mish-mash of hips, spines and quarters with a specially-constructed big air jump and mega quarterpipe built into it. The only other superpark like this exists at the X-Games, Camp Woodward and Bob Burnquist's back garden, according to Red Bull.

Travis himself like a ride around on a BMX now and then, just for jokes. So if you wanna ride it, you're going to have to get pally with him pronto.

[part title="Gorge Road, Queenstown, New Zealand"]

Photo: Red Bull

 One look at this dirt park will have you itching to hot-foot it over to New Zealand.

Gorge Road is a public dirt park just outside Queenstown on the South Island. It's about the size of a rugby pitch with everything from vertical berms and wallrides to mini roller and 7m mega gaps.

Technically, there are five main lines but the flowing construction of the park means it's easy to link the features together and get creative. Plus you can go party in Queenstown afterwards - ideal!

Photo: Red Bull

Oh yeah, and you catch watch footage below from the Red Bull Roast It comp, held there back in 2012.