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Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 16.59.56

You might think that Grand Theft Auto V is all about mass murder, robbing banks, stealing tanks and shooting shit up. You know, good clean fun. And in many ways it is.

There is, however, another side - a calmer, more creative side - to the game away from the oddballs and freaks of downtown Los Santos. Enter the virtual world BMX riding.

"From riding down Mount Chiliad to pulling 360's over planes, BMX stunts in GTA V are as mental as they sound..."

Yes that's right. There's a whole plethora of guys (and gals) who are devoting their time to creating insane BMX stunts on GTA V to the point that they're generating massive air, legit tricks and actually some pretty sick shots (see above).

From riding down Mount Chiliad to pulling 360's over planes, BMX stunts in GTA V are as mental as they sound...

Bunny Hopping Exploding Planes

I don't recall anyone ever bunny hopping over an exploding plane in real life, but this isn't real life. It's better.

Check out the 270 to ledge to 450 out at 01:45. Gnarly!

This dude is so good he's made a part 2 as well, and these two videos have over 1.3 million views on YouTube...each!

BMX Freestyle

Grinding a BMX like this video shows is clearly not possible to mere mortals like me and you, but that doesn't take away from the skill and precision involved in pulling it off in virtual reality.

And skitching a plane before dropping off onto the top of a bridge and then airing into the back of a pickup truck? Crazy. But then this is GTA V, why the hell not!

100ft Drops

100 foot drops to rail are not uncommon in GTA BMX 'stunting'. Some fella who calls himself the ErasableNinja has basically nailed it.

Here he demonstrates some of his finer moments.

Park Riding

Contrary to popular belief, it's not all mega-drops and exploding vehicles in GTA. Check out the first sequence in this clip, it's pretty realistic and definitely not out of the realms of human capability.

OK, the cliff drop at 1:19 is a bit questionable but the rest is fair play!

Dada9x9 has even been so kind as to make a part 2 for us to devour. Check out the transfers going on in the beginning. You'd never believe that these two compilations have a combined viewership of nearly 1.7 million people!


This is probably the sickest edit we found, simply because it's a bit more realistic than the others.

Either the creator doesn't fancy dropping 100 foot off a roof top into a swimming pool, or he's actually tried (and succeeded) in making it look at least semi-plausible.

Whatever the case, it's opened our eyes to a whole new side of GTA. How many of you will be trying some of these next time you play? I know I will!

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