It's often hard to articulate the things in life that excite us the most. Holidays, Birthdays, Christmas are all fantastic in their own right. But what if you managed to melt down the each of these great things into one mix and then added an unprecedented amount of BMX? Once cooked to perfection – I’d expect you would come away with something resembling the biggest and best celebration of BMX. And that would be Battle of Hastings 2018.

Now in its third consecutive year, Battle of Hastings has grown into perhaps the most anticipated weekend in BMX. It’s the perfect combination of fans, riders and industry. With the best of all three descending upon Hastings with the sole intent to embrace BMX and the good times that come with it.

The event is more than just a competition. It’s a celebration of BMX culture where Robbie Morales, Dan Price and Amos Burke are on the sidelines, cheering on the likes of Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerley, Dave Osato and even Matt 'Fucking' Beringer.  Long may it continue. 

Battle of Hastings 2018 Results:

1) Team Watts (Jason Watts, Boyd Hilder, Corey Walsh, Matt Cordova, Isaac Lesser)
2) Team Hiam (Alex Hiam, Dennis Enarson, Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley)
3) Team Godwin (Jordan Godwin, Lewis Mills, Dillon Lloyd, Felix Prangenberg)

Head to Ride UK BMX for a Battle of Hastings 2018 Photo Gallery. 

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