rio de janeiro olympic bmx racing

Millions will tune in to watch Team GB medal hope Liam Phillips go for gold in the BMX Racing event at the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games – but where can you watch it?

The Olympics start on Friday 5 August and run right through to the end of the month. In the UK, the BBC will be broadcasting every event – from cycling to running to windsurfing – live online, on your television, on radio and on their BBC Sport mobile app.

So when is the Olympic BMX racing? Well, the BMX racing is currently scheduled to run from Wednesday 17 August to Friday 19 August. Here’s the breakdown of the days:

Wednesday 17 August: Men’s heats/time trials

Thursday 18 August: Men’s quarter-finals and women’s heats/time trials

Friday 19 August: Men’s and women’s semi-finals, and men’s and women’s finals

Where are the finals? The Olympic BMX Center of course, with a capacity of 5,000.

And remember, if you need to brush up on the Olympic BMX racing rules, the Team GB BMX stars and their rivals, the Olympic BMX course, history of the sport or Liam Phillip’s Olympic record, we’ve got you covered!

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