Kyle Evans and Kye Whyte secured a one-two for Britain in the final of the 2018 European Championships BMX racing on Saturday after a thrilling conclusion to the Glasgow contest.

The 24-year-old Evans finished in 34.715 seconds, with Whyte, still only 18 years old, managing a second-place finish to take silver from Andre Sylvain of France, who was wearing the rainbow stripes after his World Championships win in Azerbaijan in June.

Speaking directly after the win, Evans, delighted to have turned a sixth-place in those same World Championships into a win in Glasgow, said: "I don't know what to say, I didn't expect to win. I got in, like I do in every race, making sure I am doing my best performance, giving myself the best chance to win.

"But trying to do this is a different thing on the day, we've got so many good riders here, the top six in the world are all from Europe, so it's never going to be easy.

"I kept peeking behind to see if Kye was coming up behind me because he is like that. We woke up this morning knowing we were coming into a home competition and we were quite well prepared. We had done everything we could back home in Manchester so to be able to come here and deliver and get a one-two is fantastic.

"I'm sure the crowd is super happy and buzzing - they'll probably never see it happen again."

Whyte added: "I don't know what to say, it's obviously crazy. First year elite, I didn't expect the final and then to come second behind my team-mate... that is just unbelievable.

"I had to work ridiculously hard. You've got Sylvain, who's world number one, and there's loads of other world plates in that final. I just thought I've got to do what I've got to do, and I've done it and got second rank."

Whyte and Evans had both secured their place in the final having qualified fastest from their semi-final, where fellow Team GB rider Paddy Sharrock, competing in the same heat as Whyte, fell short.

Kyle Evans is a Wigan-born rider, and no new face on the BMX scene. He competed in the time trial event for Great Britain at the 2015 UCI BMX World Championships, and was selected as part of the Team GB set up for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

"We've got so many good riders here, the top six in the world are all from Europe, so it's never going to be easy"

There he found himself seeded 21 out of 32 after round one, and was eliminated after finishing seventh place in heat four, which also featured the eventual gold medallist Connor Fields.

If the progress and timeline of Liam Phillips at the Olympics is anything to go by though, there’s a good chance Team GB brought Kyle to Rio for the experience, and are eyeing him up as a potential medal shot for the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo.

Kye Whyte meanwhile is the brother of Tre Whye, who won bronze at the UCI BMX World Championships back in 2014.

Both brothers are graduates of the commendable BMX club in Peckham, South-East London, and the silver in the European Championships for Kye will now be the jewel in the crown of the already crowded treasure trove he’s managed to collect coming through the junior ranks. He’s had a tough year after breaking his collarbone in Paris, so the medal will be a big boost for Kye going forward, and is a great milestone mark in his first elite year.

In a recent interview Kye said: “My long term goal is to race the Olympics and win gold – probably everyone’s goal, but I’m willing [to work] to make it happen”, and this looks like another step along the way.

The end result certainly bodes well for Team GB overall too, and will no doubt be much discussed by both BMX racing circles and indeed the mainstream media as the build up and previews for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan begin in the coming years.

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