Flaming drift trike - Photo: Colin Furze / YouTube

How do you make drift triking even gnarlier? But putting a massive pulse engine on the back of your trike, obviously!

That's exactly what Mpora's favourite eccentric science nut Colin Furze has done. Already keen on getting a bit sideways on three wheels, Furze decided to whack a gigantic pulsejet engine onto his trike to ensure things got a little bit insane.

"A pulsejet engine?" we hear your cry "what in the cribbins is a pulsejet engine?". To be honest, we had to look it up online. It turns out that it's a bit like the kind of jet engine you get on a fighter jet, but it doesn't need air to pass through it because... well, it doesn't need air because...

To be honest, we don't really understand why. Science or something. What we do know, however, is that jetpulse engines are really, really fast, and really, really gnarly looking.

The results? Well, see for yourself...

Colin Furze and his pride and joy - Photo: Colin Furze / YouTube
FIRE!  - Photo: Colin Furze / YouTube
Err, too much fire - Photo: Colin Furze / YouTube
Colin getting sideways - Photo: Colin Furze / YouTube
Firing up the beast - Photo: Colin Furze / YouTube
See that pipe glow - Photo: Colin Furze / YouTube
Should a drift bike be on fire?  - Photo: Colin Furze / YouTube

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