If anyone can make the life of a pro BMX freestyle rider look easy, it's Bruno Hoffmann, as this fantastic video of the super-chilled German shredding around the streets of his home town of Cologne – and possibly a few other cities – shows. Bruno's a sheer force of nature at international BMX contests, but even when he's enjoying a bit of well-earned downtime he can make the most fiendishly difficult stunts look like a breeze, from perfect jumps and drops to incredible freestyle moves. And one thing he never, ever does is let anybody know he's trying.

This video compiles a head-spinning array of some of Bruno's more implausible stunts. Is that Cologne Bus Station he's using as a kind of oversized skatepark? Doesn't anybody mind? Did he just hop over those railings and do a double spin? But the most amazing part is he never even seems to raise an eyebrow, let alone flinch. Even in the footage of a few missteps, he looks as relaxed as a retired hot-tub inspector on a yoga retreat. It's unnatural.

What's equally unnatural is Bruno's daring jump off the top level of a flight of chunky steps onto an unforgiving wall of concrete. Words really can't do this one justice, but suffice to say it's spiderman stuff which has to be seen to be believed.

Bruno will be back at the X Games in Aspen this year, so tune in for more laid-back skateboarding wizardry. He has to be in the running for a win in the BMX street event, so there's even a chance we might get to see that cool demeanour of his drop, if only just a little bit.