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Since GoPro came along, edits have never been the same again. Now any kid can strap one on, ride the park and pretend he's Drew Bezanson.

But the difference between a good video and a shite one is vast. Which is why we've selected five of the most insane clips ever recorded on GoPro.

Think we've missed any out? Leave your comments in the box below!

[part title="Getting trippy in Imagination Park"]

Now, this edit isn't about particularly mind-blowing riding - it's about the park.

Bruno Cremades shot to internet stardom when his edit cruising around this sick park in Gémenos, France was picked up GoPro and went flying around the interweb.

Good backing track, nice slo-mo and some rad angles, it's just an all-round sick edit. Can't argue with that.

[part title="Tim Knoll Is A Nutjob"]

Tim Knoll is unbelievable. We don't even know what to call these tricks, they're so mind-bogglingly cray.

Watch. Prepare to be amazed. Then click repeat and watch it once more.

[part title="Just a casual session at TJ Lavin's house"]

What does the legendary Nate Berkheimer do on his birthday? Oh, you know, just rips around MTV star and three-time X Games gold medal winner TJ Lavin's insane backyard set up on his bike....

Just take a look at those jumps - they're HUGE!

[part title="Chad Kagy breaks his leg at X Games Big Air"]

You'll probably remember that bone-cracking moment (literally) at the X Games 2011 when Chad Kagy came crashing down the 45ft quarterpipe during his Big Air run.

He had his headcam on and it filmed the entire thing. He ended up breaking his femur, the longest and strongest bone in the whole body.

Man, it sounds unbelievably painful. Watch if you dare...


[part title="Mike Montgomery's seamless slopestyle run"]

This one's an oldie but a goodie. Legend and inventor of the California Roll Mike Montgomery shows off his seamless run at Whistler Crankworx 2010 that scored him second place.

Just listen for the bit when he shouts: "Holy shit I made that!" See, even Mike surprises himself sometimes.