Meet Nora Flynn. She’s nine years old and she rides BMX. No big deal right? Well, it’s probably worth noting that she’s also blind.

Amazingly, thanks to a Bluetooth device that lets her father communicate with her while she’s racing, Nina has managed to make herself a regular at her local BMX track, and has fallen in love with the sport.

"My dad tells me left or right and when to roll down those little hills..."

"I can't see, so I use a bluetooth," she says. “My dad tells me right or left and he tells me to roll down those little hills. I rode the rhythm section when I was practising."

The story really is quite inspiring, and it makes whatever excuse you last used to avoid a bit of exercise look even more ridiculous.

Have a watch of the video above, let Nora inspire you and get out on your bike again as soon as you get a free moment!

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