feature bmx

feature bmx

Nigel Sylvester isn’t known for his subtlety. When he’s not rubbing shoulders with Pharrell Williams or building up his international brand name, he’s dropping BMX edits that amaze the world and remind you why he got so famous to start with.

The New York City-based street-riding hero just dropped his latest effort online, entitled ‘Go! New York City’, and it lives up to the Sylvester brand perfectly – mixing big names with big riding, making for a sick watch in an innovative first-person format, because, well, Nigel Sylvester tends to do whatever the hell he wants. And it’s normally awesome to look at.

The new feature is the first in the Nike-sponsored rider’s new content series, which focuses on expressing your point of view, and true to form, he’s got a few familiar faces in to help him out – New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz and rapper A$AP Ferg for starters...

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